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  • JP Parker Flowers made their season debut with beautiful peonies
  • Spicy French radishes (not the same as the breakfast ones) at Harvestland Farm
  • Bloomer’s Greenhouse had their wonderful baby kale
  • Mixed flock multicolored farm fresh eggs at Circle L Bison!
  • Hidden Pond Farm has a new Hawthorn Berry Syrup — heart healthy!
  • Amethyst Basil plants and Thai Basil plants at Yeager Farm
  • Silverthorn Farm has a nice braising mix of spicy greens
  • A couple of new tents at Earthly Delights — we like it!
  • Anna Belle’s Garden had fiddlehead ferns, oyster mushrooms, & sugar snap peas
  • Hanging baskets, apples and cherry tomatoes at Compean & Sons
  • Simple Taste had gluten free pasta, pizza rounds
  • “Wagamelon” cookies and “pugs” in a blanket dog treats at 3 Dog Bakery
  • Cornerstone Bread is bringing cherry danish from their new shop to the Market
  • Strawberries, asparagus, flowers, plants, and rhubarb at lots of vendor booths