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excerpted from Harvestland Farm newsletter 1/10/14

harvestland winter

from Harvestland Farm’s photo gallery

The deep snow on the fields provides an insulation blanket for the living soil.  Deep down, under the frost layer, the soil continues to teem with life as last year’s decaying organic matter and old plant roots provide food for the soil’s micro ecology and hence next year’s fertility.  While outside frozen rules the world, inside our 35 degree hoop houses the cool weather crops mostly survived the recent bitter cold unscathed.  In one house the heater malfunctioned and we lost a nice crop of head lettuce, celery, and greens mix but as of today the beds have been tilled and replanted In anticipation of a March harvest.

Here at the farm we are already thinking spring with lots of planning, seed ordering, refining field maps, ordering potting soil, supplies, and amendments.   We even seeded early tomatoes for setting out in a heated house in mid-February.  What we do today shapes the possibilities for tomorrow.  Meanwhile every day we tend our hoop houses as they continue to give us fresh organically grown produce all winter.  Working in the earthy smells and vivid green of the houses in the midst of the white brown gray of winter revives our hopes and banishes the blues of these cold sleepy months.

David Robb, Farm Manager, Harvestland  Farm