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by Lorrie Wehr

Nearly 35 years ago, newlyweds Martin Price and his wife Diane moved into their home in Parker City, Indiana. Apple trees grew on the property, and Martin remembers looking at them and thinking, “Someone needs to take care of those.” And so began a journey that would eventually lead to Memory Lane Farm Peaches. 

Peach trees joined the apple trees, and eventually outnumbered them, becoming the focus of the farm. Today, Memory Lane specializes in tree-ripened freestone (pits are easily separated from the fruit) peaches that have exceptional flavor and are ideal for eating out of hand or for home canning. They grow large quantities of a variety called Flamin’ Fury®, known for its flavor and firmness, as well as its size. At their booth you’ll find a seasonal selection of peach varieties, including their amazing white peaches.

Martin says it takes a lot of expertise and hard work to harvest tree-ripened peaches. There’s a short window of time when the peaches are just the right level of firmness for transport, and yet ripe enough for the customer. Martin and his wife do the most of work at the farm, with help from their son Orrin whom you’ll find manning the Memory Lane booth at the Market. But during picking season they’ve hit upon an ingenious way to increase their workforce: they recruit retired friends and neighbors who help pick peaches in return for fruit.

Memory Lane Farm Peaches participated in the Market back in 2010, and we are happy to have them back for 2013. To find out more about the farm and their amazing peaches, including some terrific recipes, visit their Facebook page here. And don’t forget to stop by their booth at the Market and indulge in the perfect bite of summer — fresh ripe peaches!