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“This is a concept that we really believe in,” comments David Burcham, who founded Artisano’s Oils & Spices. “This organization (Second Helpings), takes what would otherwise be food waste, and transforms it into a meaningful way to provide for the neediest members of our community. Artisano’s has long donated spices and oils to Second Helpings, but we’re excited to do something further to help them, and to draw attention to their noble efforts.”

According to Burcham, Artisano’s Oils & Spices will be offering its support to Second Helpings in the form of a fundraising drive on Saturday, August 10. The event will take place at each of the Artisano’s booths at local farmer’s markets—including the Broad Ripple Farmers Market. On this day, for every bottle of oil or balsamic vinegar that it sells, Artisano’s will donate a sum of $2.50 to the efforts of Second Helpings.

“We’d like to support Second Helpings in whatever way we can, because we know how important their work is to the community,” said Burcham. “We encourage those in the community to learn more about Second Helpings, and also to join us in supporting their positive influence.” You can find out more about the work and mission of Second Helpings here.

We think this is a great win/win for all of our customers! You come out to the Market and buy one of Artisano’s amazing oils or vinegars to make your meals even better, and Second Helpings gets a donation to support their effort to feed the hungry! See their full press release for more details, here.