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Broad Ripple has always been a rain or shine Market.  We have made a commitment to you, our customers, to be open the days and hours we have published.  Our experience with weather is that when we do have rain, we rarely have it for the entire Market.  Our customers come prepared with their umbrellas, or they wait for the rain to let up and come then.

Although we only had a light rain during the early part of the Market last week, we thought it would be a good idea to let customers know Market policy in the event of severe weather.

If lightning or other severe weather conditions are reported in the vicinity of the Market during normal business hours, customers, vendors and volunteers will be asked to move to a safe place until the weather has passed.  Once passed, a determination will be made about resuming normal Market operations for the remainder of the Market day.

If the severe weather threat occurs prior to the opening of the Market and there is reason to believe the threat will persist through much of the morning, the Market may be cancelled altogether.  If that were to happen, notification would be posted on our website, and communications would go out by email, Facebook, and other social media.