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This is the story of an Indiana boy who grew up and moved away to New York. He became passionate about duck production while working with the animals on Long Island and eventually decided to begin raising his own birds back home in Indiana. So, he moved back and with the help of some family friends he began raising ducks in close proximity to where their feed was produced. That was back in 1958 when Donald Wentzel started Maple Leaf Farms.  

Although Donald passed away in 1968, his son-in-law Terry Tucker, and his grandsons John and Scott Tucker have carried on his vision. They partner with local family farmers to provide duck products of the highest quality and to set the direction for their company based on a commitment to “family, friends, personal fulfillment, community involvement, and quality.” They provide a wide variety of fully cooked and ready-to-cook duck products, including whole ducks, duck breast, and roast half-duck.

Located in Leesburg, Indiana, Maple Leaf Farms raises White Pekin ducks. The company uses sustainable practices and is committed to duck well-being. All of their ducks are raised by Indiana family farmers in quiet, spacious barns where they have plenty of room to roam about. The ducks are fed an all-natural blend of corn, soy, and wheat that is produced at their own feed mills. These practices result in meat that is lean, mildly flavored, and adaptable to a variety of cuisines. It has become a favorite of chefs and restaurants around the world.

This is their first season with the Broad Ripple Farmers Market. They are with us on the third Saturday of each month. You can find out more about Maple Leaf Farms by visiting their website here, their facebook page here, or their twitter account here. See their recipe for Grilled Rosemary Duck Breast with Onion Marmalade for a special Father’s Day Treat!