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We have canvassed our vendors and want to whet your appetite for the grand opening of the 2013 Market Season! Read on to find out what all your favorite vendors are bringing to the Market this Saturday!

3 Days in Paris: “Red Eggs and Bacon” and “Green Eggs and Ham” and, “The Classic” with banana and nutella!

Amazing Chips: homemade potato chips, caramel corn made with real butter and real maple syrup, and fresh-squeezed lemonade, made with alkaline water  

Anna Belle’s Garden: hoop house tomatoes, lettuces, radishes, rabbit, shrimp, and indigenous yellow perch

Ann’s Asparagus (Pete’s Peaches): fresh local asparagus

Artisano’s Oils & Spices: olive oils and vinegars, plus a new oil and a new balsamic

Bakin (Pies): tart cherry, blueberry basil, peach ginger and mixed berry pies in regular and mini sizes

Bloomer’’s Greenhouse: lots of herbs, patio geraniums, hanging baskets, potted perennials and tomatoes

Blue Moon Farm (Perennials): container gardens, anemones, hostas, and coral bells

Brotgarten: 100% whole grain German sourdough bread, Berliner bread, German hard rolls, authentic German pretzel buns and sticks, French Baguettes, Raisin rolls, and German pastry plus some new breads

Byrne’s Grilled Pizza: the feature pizza on opening day will have Goose The Market bacon, scrambled eggs, pizza sauce and a variety of cheese

Chocolate for the Spirit: Primal Spirit and Primal Spirit with almonds and sea salt, Toffees, Beauty Bark, Golden Tiger Swirl, Turtles, and Mayan Spice Bars plus some new items — Forever Bar, California Spirit Bar, Swiss Spirit Bar, Triple Chocolate Espresso Brownies, Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cookies, Smokin’ Pecan-Chipotle Brittle, and Temple Garden Chocolate Urth Bar – with Roses and Pistachios

Circle City Sweets/Soups: fresh made soups, freshly baked croissants, breads, granola, small batch jams and many other pastries

Compean & Sons: flower baskets, herbs, and hopefully vegetables

Cornerstone Bread: asiago batards, parmesan peppercorn boules and cinnamon roll bread as their specials along with their regular breads

Fermenti Artisan: 2- and 3-egg breakfast boxes, the new French toast sandwich, a  limited amount of Ramp Kraut, very seasonal, and the regular line up of fermented goodies

Fields Farm Fresh: lots of flowers and herbs

Harvestland Farm: chard, kale, radishes, lettuce mixes, several varieties of  head lettuces, hakurei salad turnips, bok choy, pea shoots, sorrel, spinach, and cucumbers

Humboldt County Tea Co.: freshly blended whole leaf teas, including a new Blue Mountain Oolong Blend, several new green tea blends, and new herbals

Incredible Edibles: wildlife friendly Prairie Perennials, lots of new tomato varieties, some new crosses, 257 types of heirlooms, and peppers ranging from very sweet to very hot

Measuring Cup: gluten-free products — breads (country white sorghum, hearty whole grain millet, pumpkin, banana) scones (lemon blueberry, triple chocolate), giant muffins (cinnamon sugar doughnut), breakfast bars (strawberry rhubarb), homemade graham crackers- (Voted Best In Indy by Indy Monthly), chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon streusel coffee cake, and cinnamon rolls

Naptown Chickens: will be there with a chicken coop and chickens

Natural Born Juicers: bottled cold-pressed juices

Phelps Family Farm: delicious ham loaves available as well as new chorizo links.

Royer Farm Fresh Meats: beef (steaks, roasts, ground beef), pork (chops, brats, bacon, sausage, roasts), lamb (ground lamb, chops, kabob, bratwurst), chicken and eggs.

Schacht Farm: eggs from free-ranging hens, whole chickens and chicken cuts, a  variety of pork cuts from pastured hogs, 100% grassfed beef, and turkey products including smoked deli style turkey breast, ground turkey, smoked turkey legs, and turkey wings

Whipker Azalia Farm: vegetable plants, flowers, herbs, and kettle corn

Wild’s Apple Farm: many different kinds of tomato and pepper plants and maybe early onions