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Pure Nacional, originally discovered in Ecuador in the 1600’s dominated the fine chocolate market in Europe and the United States. Struck by disease in 1916, the famous chocolate with delicate fruit and floral flavors disappeared and was lost for nearly 100 years. Then the “mother tree” of this rare white bean was rediscovered on the farm of Don Fortunato in the Maranon Canyon in Peru.

BRFM vendor, Chocolate for the Spirit is one of the world’s select chocolatiers chosen to use Fortunato No. 4 (the 4th USDA genetic sample tested is officially recognized as the rediscovery of Pure Nacional, hence the chocolate is named Fortunato No. 4.)

Our customers at the Market are fortunate to be able to buy the Forever Bar, made from Fortunato No. 4, from local chocolatier Julie Boljack of Chocolate for the Spirit. In addition, you can see the whole exciting story of the “lost” chocolate this Sunday on CNN’s Parts Unknown, when Anthony Bourdain travels to Peru to meet the grower.