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You may be aware that Indiana Farmers Markets may only sell produce that is grown in Indiana.  You may not be aware that there are no requirements stipulating who may sell Indiana grown produce at a Farmers Market. Those decisions are left to individual markets.  We think it is important for our customers to know about our policy on reselling.

The BRFM does allow reselling on a limited basis, but only from an Indiana farm (or a farm from within 100 miles of Indianapolis), and only with explicit approval from the Market Master. We allow limited reselling to provide our customers with a wide variety of local produce – produce that would otherwise not be available (or available in sufficient quantities) at our Market.  The best example is strawberries – berry producers often have a fairly short season and when their fruit is in season, they are often too busy with u-pick and getting product to their established customers to staff farmers markets.

BRFM policy is to be completely transparent to our customers about where our vendors’ produce is grown. When one of our vendors sells berries purchased from another farmer, he is required to label that fruit with the name and location of the farm. Approval of resale requires that the vendor know the farm where the produce was grown, the farmer, and the farm’s growing practices for that product so that information can be made available to our customers on request.