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Although spring has officially arrived in central Indiana, you would never know it from the temperature outside and the recent snow on the ground. However, the Indy Winter Farmers Market was full of beautiful fresh greens last Saturday and our vendors have been busy starting seedlings in their greenhouses and hoop houses for some time now. Rest assured that true spring is right around the corner, and with opening day of the Market only 32 days away, preparations are well underway to provide plenty of fresh produce and other wonderful things for you to discover on May 4th!

Here is what one of our busy vendors had to say recently: 

from the Harvestland Farm Newsletter  3.14.13

Spring is coming in stops and starts this year.  This is quite a change from last February that brought 80 degree temperatures as a harbinger of the hot and dry summer to come.  Perhaps this year will be a “normal” given that we actually had a winter.  Here in mid March the fields are still too wet to plant and the greenhouses are busting at the seams with transplants of broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, beets, and chard all ready to go out.  In the heated houses we have transplanted tomatoes, cucumbers and, with the temperatures hopefully not dropping into the teens any more, the unheated houses are planted with cold tolerant fennel, lettuce, and celery transplants.  We are expanding our planting acreage this year to better meet the rising demand for organically grown local food so I am eagerly anticipating dryer spring weather.  Ah well…patience is imposed upon the farmer whether he or she has it or not.

David Robb, Harvestland Farm Manger

Note: Click here to see their Youtube video in the greenhouse. Also heard from Josh Horrigan of Anna Belle’s Garden just the other day —

“So ready for SPRING! NO MORE SNOW! I am sick of grocery store veggies!
Starting 5 types of cabbages, early Brussels sprouts, purple Vienna kohlrabi, and flats of peas for pea shoot salads. Now if the snow would just melt I could plant!”