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The 2013 BRFM season is about to begin and as with everything in life, change is inevitable. We have seen it in seasons past, and will see it again in future Market seasons. While change is often sad and difficult, it also tends to bring opportunities — to meet new people and try new things. This year is no exception.

Let me start with the vendors we missed last year who will be back in 2013. One of the most often-asked questions we got at the information booth last year was “Where is the tamale vendor?” Good news Market-goers; Feast is coming back! We also missed Natural Born Juicers in 2012 (although RGD carried their juices). NBJ too will return this year. In the produce department, Nujac Farm will return with their lovely Asian-influenced offerings; and Balanced Harvest (one half of the FarmIndy operation) will be back on their own this season.

Moving on to the sad part, the following vendors will not be returning to the Market: Backyard Birds, Burton’s Maplewood Farm, FarmIndy (formerly Seldom Seen Farm), Happy Everything Catering, Homestead Growers, Mulberry Creek Farm, Sunny Creek Farm, Traders Point Creamery, and Willowfield Lavender Farm. In many cases, these vendors have grown and developed their businesses so that they are unable now to be at the Market. Some are concentrating on restaurant business for the fast-growing local food movement here in Indianapolis, and some are focusing on CSAs. They will all be missed.

And now for the exciting part! We have many new vendors coming to the Market. Amelia’s Bakery is affiliated with Bluebeard’s restaurant and will provide hearth-baked breads to the Market. Bakin’ is a pie vendor with regular and mini-sized pies in fantastic flavors. Charlie’s Chillers makes frozen dog treats — popsicles for your pups! Maple Leaf Farms is the largest producer of duck meat in the country! Dickinson Custom Furniture will bring Indiana hardwood hand-made kitchenware. New growers with fresh vegetables and fruits include Eden Farms (hydroponic), Funny Bone Farm (a partner of Mulberry Creek Farm), and Norman Mullett Farm. Look for more detailed information on all of our new vendors in future issues of the newsletter and upcoming blog posts.

Along with our many wonderful returning vendors, it promises to be a great Market season in 2013 with new vendors, old vendors with new items, and exciting new opportunities every week for Market-goers to eat, shop, listen to great music, meet old friends and new ones, and generally enjoy their Saturday morning outing at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market.

Art from “Turn Turn Turn”, music by Pete Seeger.