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We have been hearing from our vendors about wonderful new things they plan to bring to the Market this season. We were so excited, we couldn’t wait to share some of it with you! This is what we have heard about so far:

Anna Belle’s Garden will offer rabbit (appearing on local restaurant menus lately — Josh will provide recipes) and indigenous yellow perch this year in addition to more chef-made condiments, dressings, and ready-to-eat items.  

Brotgarten is bringing some new breads to the Market. They plan to have Lembas (a German artisan sourdough bread with ancient grains), Epi (a french artisan bread shaped like a wheat stalk), and Crispy Onion Epi (Epi with roasted onion). Yum!

Chocolate for the Spirit has some new offerings: Forever Bar (world’s rarest chocolate), California Spirit Bar and Swiss Spirit Bar, Triple Chocolate Espresso Brownies, Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cookies, Smokin’ Pecan-Chipotle Brittle, and Temple Garden Chocolate Urth Bar (with roses and pistachios). I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to try these!

Fermenti Artisan plans to add a smaller 2-egg version of their 3-egg breakfast box and a new Fermenti Cristo French toast breakfast sandwich. And I hear they have a spring-only seasonal and limited Ramp Kraut. Better get it while you can!

Harvestland Farm will have some unusual produce items to offer including, Crispano, Magenta, Skyphos, and Vulcan head lettuces, and Hakurei salad turnips.

Hidden Pond is adding goat meat to their offerings at the Market in 2013. This is an extremely low-fat, healthy meat. They will have recipes available so you can get some ideas about how to prepare it.

Humboldt County Tea Co. is bringing new freshly blended whole leaf teas to the market, highlighting their Blue Mountain Oolong Blend,and several new green tea blends like Peach Mango Green and Blueberry Green Buzz. They also have a new herbal Long Memory Tea, an ancient blend of herbs and tisanes that influences the parts of the brain responsible for memory. I probably need some of that!

Incredible Edibles has exciting Prairie Perennials including Cardinal Flower for  hummingbirds, Blazing Meadowstar for monarchs and goldfinches, and Blue Lobelia and Tropical Milkweed for butterflies. They have lots of new tomato varieties as well (some dwarf and 257 different heirlooms) and lots of interesting peppers for you aficionados.

Phelps Family Farm will have their delicious ham loaves available this year as well as a new product,chorizo links! I see a spicy breakfast sausage in my future.

Royer Farm Fresh Meats is now using non-GMO grains in the feed for their pigs and chickens! Later in the season they will have 100% grass-fed beef and lamb!

Schacht Farm will be adding turkey products, including smoked deli style breast, ground turkey, smoked legs, and turkey wings! Gobble gobble!

Every year I think the Market cannot get any better; and then our vendors find new and wonderful things to offer. You’ll just have to be there on opening day to see what else they have in store for you!