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We talked with some of our vendors and asked them to tell us their wishes for 2013. We think what they had to say is thoughtful, inspiring, and hopeful for us all. We hope you agree!

David Robb, Harvestland Farm

For the next year Harvestland Farm of Aspire Indiana will convert more chemical corn and bean land into organic production, employ more folks with disabilities, and produce more delicious and interesting veggies!     

Louann Austen, Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership

Our organization ARPO is slightly different than your food or other type of product vendors. Our goal for January is to continue our work with placing dogs/puppies/cats/kittens in the forever homes. All of our pets are spayed and neutered before they are placed in their forever home and also they are current on all of their shots/vaccinations. We strive for quality adoptions to make sure that the potential owner and the pet are right for each other. We do home visits for all of our adoptions just to insure that everything is good for the new owners and the pets.

Pete Slowik, Pete’s Peaches

Please adopt at least one Green Planet policy at your residence, whether it be recycling, reusing or planting more trees and shrubs this year. Pete’s Peaches will be planting more perrennial plants which do more to protect our soil, air & water.

Colleen Dobbs, 3 Days in Paris

We resolve in 2013 to extend our crepe family to parts of Indiana which have yet to experience the joy of fresh, made-to-order crepes, (which are best eaten while shopping at a farmers market)!

Josh Horrigan, Anna Belle’s Garden

My resolution is to start a small garden plot with a group of inner city at risk youth. We will grow edible products and allow them to take the items home to encourage people to eat more vegetables.

Sidney Chang, NuJac Garden

Wish that everyone have bountiful harvests for 2013, and enjoy great times with food, friends and family.

Sarah Brown, The Apple Works

The past year proved the most challenging yet for our apple orchard and its various supplemental crops with the deadly freeze that stretched throughout the Midwest leaving at best, 15%  of a normal crop, and with some growers, absolutely nothing. The freeze was followed by the worst drought since the Dust Bowl and record heat. In response, we’ve continued to diversify into managed crops that we can water more efficiently and economically as well as venture into late fall  protected  crops.  We all hope that last year’s brutal weather was an abnormality, but we also share a fear of a new, less friendly  “normal” that we’ll all have to respond to in order to survive and to produce needed nutritious crops — a task that is our calling.

Julie Bolejack, Chocolate for the Spirit

Chocolate for the Spirit wishes for a cooler summer than 2012 but resolves that whatever the weather, we’ll be prepared to provide award-winning, locally- created chocolates to BRFM customers – using some of the world’s best chocolate. We pledge to excite everyone’s palates with our new, organic creations and also share samples of “The World’s Rarest Chocolate” – for which we have exclusive distribution for Indiana and Illinois.

Linda Chapman, Harvest Moon Flower Farm

I hope that more and more American people will come to appreciate the beauty and joy of having flowers in their homes.  Flowers are “food for the soul”.

Sandy Tipton, (Dave and Maddy too), Incredible Edibles

My wish for the New Year would be that folks will try to grow something and consume it. I think the population in general is becoming more self-sufficient, there is such a feeling of joy and accomplishment to have a garden and eat something you have grown. You don’t even need a garden!  I’ve got a pot of Kale in the kitchen to throw into soups. All you need is a pot, seeds and some soil! There are community gardens all over Indianapolis, join one if you don’t have the space. It’s a great way to meet other gardeners, exchange seeds, recipes, veges. Seed starting is a few months away. Start some in a windowsill; nothing beats the taste of fresh picked anything!!!!