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The 2012 Market season is over, and it was another bountiful one. We saw early harvesting of some crops and a hard frost that limited the apples and peaches at the Market. We saw extreme hot dry weather that shortened the season for some produce and seemed to help others thrive.

We were joined by new vendors with new products. We enjoyed some new musical entertainers this season and two cookbook signings at the Market. All in all we have continued to grow and change.

As we end the 2012 season, we would appreciate your feedback about the BRFM so that we can begin to plan for 2013. Please take about five minutes to click on the link

BRFM End-of-Season Survey 2012

and fill out a short survey about the Broad Ripple Farmers Market. We thank you for being such great customers and supporting our wonderful vendors.

Don’t forget to check our website for news and recipes over the winter, and your inbox for our monthly newsletter. See you back at the Market on May 4, 2013!