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Whether you want to prepare some dreadfully delicious meat treats for Halloween, impress your relatives with your turkey-carving skills at Thanksgiving, or just have always wanted to learn to butcher a whole hog, Smoking Goose Meatery has the class for you!

Starting with “Blood and Guts: trick or (meat) treat, on October 25, Chris Eley and the meat locker will be offering three intense meat classes for those of you who want to roll up your sleeves and really get into your meat.  

For Session One, participants will enjoy wine and meat snacks while concocting macabre meat treats, and take home their own official butcher’s hat. Session Two is all about carving the bird. Participants must bring their own knife, but get to take home a whole sliced smoked turkey. In Session Three, the class will break down a whole hog and take home a prime cut of pork along with their butcher’s hat.

Click here to get all the gory details. Or call 317-638-MEAT (6328) to register.