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I was excited to open my paper this morning and find that the Star  “Taste” Section featured several our BRFM vendors. I consider it one more bit of evidence that we truly are the best Market in the city, having the finest growers, producers, and artisans.  

First, in an article on biscuits and gravy, Jackquie’s Gourmet Catering was lauded for their version of the southern classic made with freshl-baked biscuits and using local sausage. You’ll have to go to the cafe to try it, but it is indicative of the high quality of the other offerings they bring to our Market each Saturday.

Then, in an article by Jolene Ketzengerger, (a frequent visitor to the BRFM), tips for baking the best cookies were the subject. Of the three bakers interviewed and featured, two were from our own farmers market. Albert Trevino of Rene’s Bakery had some great advice about kitchen gadgets; and Cindy Hawkins of Circle City Sweets talked about using weights instead of measures.

And yesterday, in the weekend section, the Table for Two piece had Kelly Beerbower and Meredith Kong of Lick Ice Cream reviewing a local restaurant. We definitely appreciate their taste when it comes to the delicious flavor combos they bring to the Market!

To read the complete articles, click here for the “Baking Tips from the Pros”; and here for “The Satisfaction of Biscuits and Gravy”. The “Table for Two” review can be found here.