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photo courtesy of the Indiana State Fair, all rights reserved

All of a sudden it’s August and the State Fair opens THIS Friday! I know – I couldn’t believe it either. Where has the summer gone? But when I got over my shock, I got all excited about “The Year of the Dairy Cow”. That’s the theme for this year’s Indiana State Fair, and it’s one I hold dear to my heart. 

Did you know that Indiana is second in the nation in low-fat and regular ice cream production? And did you know that there are 1,500 dairy farms in the state and 175,000 dairy cows? For someone like me, who loves her dairy products, these are happy facts indeed. I will definitely be taking advantage of Broad Ripple’s proximity to the fairgrounds in order to check out the rotating milking carousel and the birthing barn as well as trying the drinkable yogurts, the new lemon milkshake and the signature grilled cheese sandwich; and viewing the celebratory cheese sculpture!

Of course we have our own wonderful vendors here at the Market with delicious dairy products – Traders Point Creamery and Ludwig Farmstead Creamery bring their excellent yogurts and cheeses to the BRFM weekly. But for an exciting and educational dairy experience, close to home, I highly recommend a trip to the Fair this year.

Traders Point Creamery will be selling yogurt, milk, and cheeses in the store at the DuPont Pavilion for the duration of the State Fair. They will also be offering samples on scheduled days, and you can look for their ice cream cart at the Pavilion as well.

For money-saving deals for fair-goers, check out the Doing Indy blog here. And for more information about activities and events for “The Year of the Dairy Cow”, go to the official State Fair website here. The DuPont Pavilion schedule is available here.