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buzz photos for 7.5

  • Lots of onions, chard, corn, beets, and tomatoes, everywhere!
  • Decker melons from Earthly Delights and Apple Works        
  • Nectarines from Pete’s Peaches, Whipker Farm, and Earthly Delights
  • Early acorn and spaghetti squash from Whipker Azalea Farm
  • Black potatoes and fresh fennel from Wild’s Apple Farm
  • Panzanella (and cookbooks) from Sheri Castle at Incredible Edibles    
  • Gooseberry jam and bacon blue cheese brioche from Circle City  
  • Summertime berry and lemon creme crepe from 3 Days in Paris
  • Key lime pie and pink lemonade flavored popsicles from Nicey Treat