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The 2012 Olympics will be healthier and greener, according to the London Olympic Committee. With the largest peace-time catering operation in the world, the London Olympics will serve 14 million meals across 40 different locations during the Games. This provides a unique opportunity to effect a transformational change to “contribute to the growing public agenda on healthy living.” Their Food Vision seeks to have “a long-term effect on the food industry in the areas of sustainability, food traceability, and labeling.”

One of the sponsors of the Games since 1998, McDonald’s has converted their operations in the U.K. to use all free-range eggs, meeting the gold standard for pullet rearing and egg production. They have committed to local traceability through their beef sourcing, all from British and Irish farms using sustainable agricultural practices; and since 2009 they use all organic milk sourced from the British Isles.

The Food Vision seasonal commitment includes:

  1. Buying local and seasonal food via local food directories.
  2. Designing menus to reflect and celebrate seasonal specialities.
  3. Using a seasonal food chart to plan food buying.
  4. Educating customers about seasonal ingredients and their sources.

The full range of the Olympic effort can be seen in  the London 2012 Food Vision, a campaign which is committed to using both British and seasonal food, and effecting long-term changes across the food industry.