josh picking -produce

This is the first season at the Market for Anna Belle’s Garden, operated by Chef Josh Horrigan. Josh named his new produce business after his five-year old daughter and he seems to love his gardens almost as much as he loves his children. With his wife and children helping out in the garden and his brother Michael working with him at the Market, it is very much a family business as well as an outgrowth of his culinary career.

As a kid who always loved food and cooking, Josh was fortunate in his early experiences and the people he met. While working as a caddy at Highland Country Club, he was offered the opportunity to earn more money by bussing tables and ended up in the kitchen learning the food business. At the same time, he met Ross Faris, who lived nearby, and began a long relationship with the late owner of Your Neighbor’s Garden. Ross taught him the value of using local seasonal ingredients in his cooking. Josh’s enthusiasm for the local produce he grows is palpable, and infectious!

He has worked as a chef in numerous restaurants and studied hotel and restaurant management at Purdue and IUPUI. His gardens started as an effort to introduce culinary students to seasonal produce. Since “farm-to-table” is one of the hottest trends in the food industry today, Josh wants to expose customers to global varieties like Ichiban (Asian) eggplant and white globe (American Amish) eggplant. He is excited to talk about the all varieties he grows, like his watermelon radishes, his German cone-shaped cabbages, and his heirloom tomatoes and peppers.

josh's gardenJosh tends his gardens at two sites on the north side of Indianapolis. This Saturday he plans to have Napa, flat Dutch, and Savoy cabbage, pink and red Chinese rose radishes, the last of his arugula, lettuce mix, romaine, red raspberries, snap peas, herbs, beefsteak tomatoes, radicchio, and maybe some green tomatoes. Stop in and ask him about them — I guarantee you will learn something new!

Click here for a video clip of Josh Horrigan on Indy Style TV demonstrating how to make an arugula pesto and a watermelon salsa with produce from the garden.