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It seems like this spring has come out of nowhere with the warm temperatures and dry weather. At this time of year you can usually expect that we will be stressing about getting the early veggies in, just waiting in anticipation of a little warm, dry weather. But that isn’t the case this year. Everything has been early. From the time the snowdrops started blooming in February we have been at least two weeks ahead of normal. Asparagus has been jumping up for a good three weeks, and the morels have been making appearances when the ground is wet enough.

Since the dry winter combined with recent warm temperatures, we have been able to work the ground in March and April like never before. Plantings have been on time (!!!) with potatoes, cold crops, carrots, and onions meeting their ideal dates. What a difference! The past three years have been extremely frustrating with all of the wet weather we had.  So, instead of getting equipment ready and trucking supplies, this year the tiller is biting into soil.

broccoli starts
Young broccoli starts ready to plant.

There are still supplies and equipment to haul. Ten days ago I had the chance to run from Indianapolis to north and south east Ohio to pick up a plow and potato digger. Near Akron the Amish were all out plowing their fields. Near Marietta, on the river, I was amazed that they were easily two weeks behind Indianapolis in spring. The rosebuds were still going strong and the trees barely leafed out. So it seems we’re in an early spring bubble. Certainly not the norm, and while everyone is having an early spring, we seem to be leading the curve at our latitude.

The warmth now does make one wonder about what we are in for in July and August, but there isn’t time to worry about that now. It’s time to take advantage of what we have today, and get those plants in the ground!

Note: John Ferree of Seldom Seen Farm has partnered with Todd and Kathleen Jameson of Balanced Harvest Farm to become FarmIndy. You can find out more about FarmIndy on their facebook page by clicking here.