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Thanks to the many of you who responded to our 2011 survey. As always, you answered many of our questions and gave us new food for thought. We had a record 431 responses, so we are feeling pretty good that we got a good cross section of customers who care about the Market.

I thought it was pretty impressive that 23% of you came to the Market on foot or bike. We don’t know if our drawings for prizes have improved this number, but we appreciate all of you who are thinking green (but appreciate that these options don’t work for everyone).

We got important feedback for us and for our vendors:

brown eggs

  • Half of you would appreciate having the option to use debit/credit for your purchases
  • Affirmation that it is important for you to know the product sources for prepared good, growing practices, and farm location
  • Customers would like to have samplings of different varieties of fruit, heirloom tomatoes, unusual veggies, and specialty meats
  • The mix of products at the market is pretty much on target but that you’d like to see more cheese, eggs, and ready-to-eat food.

We were particularly interested in feedback on last year’s Wednesday Market. For the folks who responded to the survey, we learned that most knew about the Market but that it didn’t fit into their schedule for a variety of reasons.

The Fate of the Wednesday Market 

In addition to what we learned from the survey respondents, we also learned a great deal through the process of hosting the Wednesday Market. The bottom line is that the currently available venue at the Park (afternoon sun on black asphalt parking lot) wasn’t always pleasant for vendors, customers, volunteers, musicians, or the produce. So for now, we’ll keep the idea of a Wednesday Market (and our lessons learned) tabled until new venue opportunities present themselves.